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NOT a food post

Even though this is a food blog, I wanted to share a random thought that occured to me today.
So I was watching this program called Khawater, and it’s this idk maybe cultural or idk but anyways,this season it is all about the head. Or as the slogan says “Afla Yatafakaron?” which means don’t they think about it? But yatafakaroon is not only think it is like to think deeply or ponder about something. Today’s episode was about the eye, so I thought that Imagine one day you just wake up and you can’t see. Just like that. I would freak out,but then this is the only way to know how much of a blessing having eyes and being able to see is.The  thing about blessings or things that you have in life generally is that you don’t really appreciate those things or realize how important those things are until they are simply gone ; realizing how much a family member was important to you,how much your five senses that seem so simple but are vital for you,and even the bite of food that you eat. So that is why I wanted to just think of all of the blessings that I have and imagine how my life would be without them because simply,that is the only way that I’d appreciate them. And promised myself that with the beginning of every single day that I’d just take a couple of minutes to appreciate all of the things that I have,and one of those things is simply just waking up and being alive.


2 comments on “NOT a food post

  1. sosna
    April 6, 2014

    ya gamed

  2. zainabakef
    April 6, 2014

    Hahaa thanks sosna :’)

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